An Insightful Guide to Modern Aging

The author pictured with her parents.

My name is Deborah Short, and I’ve been advocating on behalf of seniors and those who love them for more than 20 years. I founded my company, Planning for Seniors, LLC, so that I could provide assistance and guidance to our aging population. My goal is to help seniors maintain their quality of life and successfully navigate the many challenges that come with aging. This personal passion inspired  “Navigating the Care of Your Aging Loved One.”

“Navigating the Care of Your Aging Loved One” is an insightful guide to modern aging. As people become older many challenges present themselves, not just to the senior, but to the people who love and care for them. If you are an adult child of an aging parent, or you have a beloved senior in your life, you have probably asked yourself: What happens if Mom or Dad get sick? How will we pay for care? Where will they live? How do I manage all this when the time comes?

You will find the answers to all of those questions, and much more, inside “Navigating the Care of Your Aging Loved One.”